The CHIC & COZY Concept

CHIC & COZY International Party is a series of events that occur every month or two in a different location under various themes. We aim at attracting a special group of people at intriguing locations, while transforming them in a unique way to ensure an unforgettable experience.

CHIC & COZY is a special community of people. People who wouldn’t be scared of having big dreams, crazy ideas and strong emotions. People who would rather smile than grumble. People from different cultures with positive mindset, global thoughts and open hearts. People with the desire to be happy, to have fun and to do it with style. They are so different in their own way and yet…so close. There are so many people with similar perception of life but the hard part is to find them.

CHIC & COZY is an intriguing place. A place, designed for you to meet like-minded people and enjoy sharing the experience. A place to be joyous and adventurous, private and cozy, chic and modern. A place that shows how every detail is significant and plays a role. An environment, which guests can fully enjoy, without being disturbed by unwelcome presence.

We are happy that we had the chance to create this place for you, but only your positive energy can make it alive.

The CHIC & COZY Founders

Antonia Komitova

Iani Tassev

Vladimir Stanev